By joining Sound Health MSO, your practice can take advantage of the following:

Increase revenue and bargaining power

Sound Health Services, a physician-led otolaryngology practice with more than 35 providers, has developed a platform of services that brings together a diverse group of otolaryngology related practices through a Management Services Organization (MSO). Sound Health MSO offers a unique opportunity to collaborate and participate with other private ENT practices in a physician friendly business model through the combined strengths of multiple ENT-related practices. The MSO model delivers value-added services, better contracts, improved benefits and funding for growth and development.

Centralized negotiation of payor contracts

Reduce expenses by improving administrative functions and efficiency

Medical supply reductions (projected to be at least 15%)

Potential for self-insuring malpractice and health care insurance coverage (10 to 25%)

Improved IT service and reliability (20% projected savings)

Share training, technology and compliance expenses

Maintain your local practice with autonomy, independence and control over operations

Control the strategic direction and clinical integrity of your practice

Build equity, create and access value from ownership in the MSO

Sound Health
MSO Platforms


Professional Liability
Business Coverage

Accounting and
Financial Reporting

Human Resources
Health Benefits

Technology Services


Legal & Tax Compliance

Wealth Management
Retirement Plan



Sound Health MSO participation is easy:

Low barrier to entry

No need to change EMR

Retain current practice ownership

No geographical constraints

For more information, contact Dave Hinkle, CEO

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